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Hello Im Sammel,
tho you can also call me Sam or Sami if you like, I was born on the 23th June 2001.
I do art in my free-time and Im hoping to make it into my job one day.
have a lovely day or night!
your German bun :3 🍞


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about me

real name: Samanta
nicknames: Sammel, Semmel, Sam, Sami
birthday: 23th June 2001
country: Germany
main OC: Acernis
languages: German, English
sexuality: demisexual
gender: female ♀️
pronouns: she/her
relationship status: taken ❤️
hobbies: drawing, papercraft, origami, gaming
favourite movie: how to train your dragon
favourite series: Warehouse 13 📦
favourite video game: Ark: survival evolved ~2.500 hours
favourite animal: cats 🐈
favourite color: Cyan
likes: boyfriend, animals, snacks, sushi, thunderstorms
dislikes: coffee, intoxicants, sunny weather, spiders

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