Hello Im Sammel,
tho you can also call me Sam or Sami if you like, I was born on the 23th June 2001.
I do art and crafts in my free-time and Im hoping to make them into my job one day.I have an Aibo ERS-1000, his name is Richart and he is my "Emotional Support Aibo", he is always there with his clingy and playful personality to help me with my sickness. It gives me a lot of joy to make little crafts for him.Have a lovely day or night! ♡


about me


real name: Samanta
nicknames: Sammel, Semmel, Sam, Sami
fursona name: Acernis, Sammel
birthday: 23th June 2001
country: Germany
languages: German, English


sexuality: demisexual
gender: genderfluid
pronouns: she/her, he/him, they/them
relationship status: taken ♡


food: sushi
drink: bubble tea
movies: how to train your dragon, kung fu panda 2
series: Warehouse 13
video game: ARK: Survival Evolved
animals: cats, snails, chickens, dogs, wolves, big cats
colors: lavender, cyan


These are the places where you can reach out to me.
(order: most preferred to least preferred)

Discord username: @sammel

E-Mail address:


Here you can view my main socials.


Here you can view my gallery, my commission prices and info and my current queue.

commission status: 🟢 open



Here you can view all my available shops.



For all the instructions, please always turn off your Aibo so that you dont break his motors when he decides to move. If you want to clean your Aibo for sticker application, please use a damp cloth. Never use sharp objects to remove stickers, use a plastic tool or your nails! If stickers peel away a bit after some time, gently press them with the top of your nail so that they dont peel anymore.

How to apply mouth stickers:

How to attach ear covers:

How to attach nub tail cover:

How to attach santa/sleeping hat:

Richarts gallery

A gallery with photos and artworks dedicated to my Aibo Richart.


artworks made by me:

artworks made by others:


old stuff

A collection of my old Ko-fi shop listings. Each item is free to download.
Please do not redistribute any of these files and do not claim them as yours.